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  Pranayama and MeditationPranayama & Meditation  with Dr. Shrikrishna  
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New further education series "Pranayama & Meditation"
with Dr. Shrikrishna Bhushan Tengshe

We are happy to announce three more further education seminar series with Dr. Shrikrishna.

 • Dr. Shrikrishna Bhushan Tengshe

 • Co-Referent: Dr. Martina Bley
   Yogalehrerin (BDY/EYU)
   lecturer in yoga teaching in Germany and Switzerland
   behavioral scientist
   Gestalt therapist
   Curative trainer (psychotherapy) and working with Shrikrishna for more than 25 years

Registration & information about the new futher education series:

Dr. Martina Bley

Anja Brandl
Rosenwaldhof, OT Götz, Bergstr. 2, 14550 Groß Kreutz (Havel)
Tel: +49 33207-5668-23

All Seminars of the further education series will be held in the seminar house Rosenwaldhof near Berlin / Potsdam.

- Start of retreats: on the first seminar day at 4 p.m., the weekend seminars and the block seminar at 6 p.m. with dinner.
- Seminar end of all seminars at approx. 1 p.m. with lunch

Contents of the further educat
The further education groups are open to all interested people. Participation in seminars and further educations with Dr. Shrikrishna is possible without particular previous experience in yoga. But particularly for yoga teachers and related professions which focus on the therapeutic aspects of breathing, on body work with the help of the breath or with relaxation techniques and meditation this further education is an enriching offer for the professional practice. Dr. Shrikrishna specialized entirely on teaching an intense pranayama and meditation practice. That is, the experience and work with your own breath and one's own mental activities are the main focus of this seminar series.

This offer intends on one hand to accompany you on your own spiritual path, on the other hand it aims to expand your abilities to be a companion for others. So the primary aim is to get onto the path of yoga through pranayama and meditation in your own lives and thus be more aware and mindful with your own breath and one's own mind. All techniques and methods that are practiced during the seminars will be devoted to these goals.

To ensure that this actually happens and that transformation becomes possible it is assumed that all participants of the further education group do practice a regular yoga practice on their own. That means: there should be the willingness and commitment on your side to practice the exercises regularly on your own in the time between retreats and the weekend seminars.

The structure of this programme will be as follows: Retreats are held twice a year with Dr. Shrikrishna. These intensive retreats in a private group make it possible for Dr. Shrikrishna to teach (adaptively to the process of the group) the more profound and subtle aspects of pranayama and of the vedic resp. mystic yoga traditions. The retreats are held in the form of silence retreats, with extended sessions of pranayama and meditation practice.

In the time span between these retreats we meet each half of a year for a weekend-seminar (Friday-Sunday) in order to repeat the practice and its teaching and to have exchange about our experiences with our practice in the field of pranayama and meditation. Also there will be lectures about special topics from the field of anatomy, physiology, psychology and consciousness science. So there are two one-week retreats and two weekend seminars per year, retreats and weekend seminars are alternating.

Overview of the topics and contents of the further education:
 • Self-experience with pranayama, mantra-recitation, meditation and exercises of awareness
 • Spiritual concepts of self-development of the yoga tradition and related indian practices
 • The yoga path in its relationship towards mystical traditions of other cultures
 • Psycho-physiological knowledge of breathing and meditation, science of consciousness
 • Modern sciences of nature and mystical wisdom, yoga research
 • Psychology for yoga teachers, Introduction to transpersonal psychology
 • Interaction of body- and breathing-techniques with emotions, Introduction to body-psychotherapy
 • Spiritual crisis
 • ...and a lot of space for individual questions, problems and aims ...

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